Call for Statements from Industry

Call for Statements from Industry

About TIH Foundation for IoT & IoE (TIH-IoT)
TIH Foundation for IoT & IoE (TIH-IoT) has been setup as a Section-8 company (not-for-profit) by IIT Bombay under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS), being implemented by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. Technology Innovation Hub for IoT & IoE (TIH-IoT) at IIT Bombay is focusing on creating a self-sustaining innovation continuum by fostering translational research for technology & product development, building highly knowledgeable human resource and a vibrant start-up ecosystem, in the technology vertical of Internet of Things (IoT). The goal is to help India become a pioneer in technology led economic growth and prepare the country to be the world leader in the technology arena. One of the many programs in TIH-IoT is CHANAKYA (Comprehensive and Holistic Advancement of National Knowledge Yield and Analytics) fellowship.

CHANAKYA Fellowship Program

Comprehensive and Holistic Advancement of National Knowledge Yield and Analytics (CHANAKYA) is an initiative under the National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS) with a focus on human resource development. Engineering colleges/ Technical institutes in India are a huge pool of human resource in the form of students, but they are not sufficiently oriented towards reaching out to industry or solving problems that can benefit society. To overcome this gap and produce graduates trained in CPS who can be problem-solvers or turn entrepreneurs. TIH-IoT has initiated CHANAKYA fellowship Program with a focus on human resources development in the emerging technology area of Internet of Things (IoT), whereby we invite applications from undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) students to work on a project/problem statement including those from industry in the broad domain of the IoT. In the present call, project/problem statements are invited from industry for the TIH-IoT CHANAKYA Fellowship program 2023. For the selected projects/problem statements from the industry, TIH-IoT will later invite call for proposals from reputed institutes to work on them.

Collaboration with Industry for CHANAKYA Fellowship program

TIH-IoT looks forward to aligning CHANAKYA fellowship program to focus on projects that are important for solving real-world problems and challenges faced by Industry in the broad domain of IoT.

As a first step in that direction, we look forward to understanding the challenges faced by the industry in a broad domain of IoT, development of industry relevant use cases in the domain of IoT and facilitating innovative solutions for the same through our fellowship program. We would like the industry partners to share with us, the industry requirement/problem statement for which a project can be taken up by young and bright undergraduate and postgraduate students from reputed institutes and solutions generated, that are beneficial for the industry. Identified students will take up these challenging projects and will be supported by way of fellowship and contingency grant for the focused project execution.

Role of Industry

UG Fellowship PG Fellowship
Duration: up to 10 months Duration: up to 2 years
Monthly fellowship of INR 10,000/- per student Monthly fellowship of INR 12,400/- per student
A maximum of INR 20,000/- per student towards consumables and contingency. A maximum of INR 50,000/- per student per year, towards consumables and contingency.

Way Forward?

Apply Now

Last date of registration extended till 29th August 2023.


For any queries related to the application process please write to us at
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