Basic Course on the Internet of Things – Level 2

Why should you take up this course?


The course will provide an in-depth understanding of IoT system design, interfacing multiple sensors, networking topologies, IoT-specific communication protocols, and data analytics for IoT. Participants will be introduced to key concepts in embedded C programming, RTOS, AI/ML for IoT use cases.


  1. Participants will be familiarized with the general IoT framework and IoT system design aspects.
  2. The lectures will present system level aspects of sensors interfacing, networking Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices, and computing involved in IoT systems.
  3. Hands-on lab sessions to build use cases while actually implementing the system. This includes interfacing a basic IoT system with multiple sensors, the associated interfacing, BLE-STAR topology, computation and analysis of data acquired through the IoT sensor setup, mobile app-based data visualization of sensor data.
  4. The lectures and lab sessions have an integrated format and go hand in glove in building complete understanding of concepts, practically.
  5. This course will be a prerequisite for other advanced courses that will build on this course and will specialize in specific aspects of the course or application areas.


The focus of this course is to introduce basic concepts, components and means to build a simple IoT system. The course also throws light on the simplified applications and its deployment. The course will involve both theory and practical experiments involving IoT for simple comprehension and application.

Who is delivering this course:

Theory modules of these courses will be delivered by experienced IIT Bombay faculty & lab sessions are by Industry Professionals.

Who can register?

Course details:

Title : Basic course on IoT

Course Level : Basic (Level 2)

Course Dates: 3 – 8 July, 2023 (Monday to Saturday)

Duration: One week (48-50 hours)

Session Schedule: 9:00 am – 6:30 pm

Last date for registration: 21 June, 2023 Extended till 29 June, 2023

Mode : Offline/In-person

Venue: IIT Bombay

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System requirements

Registration Procedure:

A) Bank Details for NEFT payment
Bank Name – State Bank of India.
Bank Account No. – 40813043385
Branch Name – I.I.T. Bombay Campus (Powai)
IFSC Code – SBIN0001109

B) QR code (While making payment, in the remark please mention (IoT Course and Applicant’s name)

Important Instructions:

Course Curriculum:

Theory modules:

  • Module 1: Recap about IoT-system architecture, advantages, challenges
  • Module 2: Components of IoT system: Interfacing of smart sensor/digital sensor interfacing with microcontroller/specially designed SoCs for IoT applications, Sensor interfacing protocols: I2C, SPI, Wireless module interfacing: UART protocol, wireless modules with the processor
  • Module 3: Networking for IoT devices, Types of Network/Network Topologies (Star, Bus, Ring), Bluetooth Low Energy Protocol Stack (Brief about BLE stack, GATT attributes, characteristics, Services; GAP profile)
  • Module 4: Topics relevant to data analysis, Machine learning and deep learning & or IoT
  • Module 5: Design aspects for integration of IoT-system
  • Module 6: Industry expert session on recent advancements in IoT

Examination : There will be short examination on the last day of the schedule

Certificate : A course completion certificate will be provided to the applicants after successful completion of the course (75% attendance is mandatory)

Contact Details:

TIH Foundation for IoT and IoE
3rd floor of Monash Building,
IIT Bombay campus,
Powai, Mumbai – 400076,Maharashtra
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